An impeachment inquiry into President Trump surrounding apparent abuse of power has begun. The allegations are deeply concerning, and it is very important that this work proceed – once the House committees complete their investigations, they will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with impeachment. If so, they will write and introduce articles of impeachment to the House, and if it passes the House, it is up to the Senate to hold a trial – presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts – whether to impeach. We’re a long way from a resolution to this one way or the other, but to finish, it has to start. [0][1][2]

Congress is in recess from September 30th until October 15th, [3] so our goal here is to ensure there continues to be pressure to see this through. To this end, all but a few Democratic Representatives say they support an impeachment inquiry, and none of those holdouts are from Michigan. [4]

We’re calling all six Michigan Republican Representatives; they are: [5]

Jack Bergman
(202) 225-4735
Bill Huizenga
(202) 225-4401
John Moolenaar
(202) 225-3561
Fred Upton
(202) 225-3761
Tim Walberg
(202) 225-6276
Paul Mitchell
(202) 225-2106

Example for calling representatives:
Hi, I’m ____, and I’m a Michigan voter. I’m calling because I’m concerned by what appears to be an abuse of power by President Trump to use the withholding of military aid to pressure Ukraine to perform political investigations to help his 2020 campaign. [6][7] I’d like to urge you to support an inquiry into this. Thank you.