The Republican controlled legislature has thrown our state into a budget crisis. They refused to negotiate with Governor Whitmer and passed a mess of a budget at the last possible moment. To keep the state government from shutting down, Governor Whitmer signed the budget and vetoed portions of it in an effort to get the Republicans to agree to continue to negotiate a budget. The Republicans have no intention of solving these challenges facing our state and instead are devising a plan to override Governor Whitmer’s vetoes. This week we’d like to focus on one issue: sustainable road funding. Republicans favor a one-time burst of road funding to do a partial job, but Governor Whitmer wants a sustainable and more gradual increase to improve and maintain road conditions in the long term.

Call the State GOP Legislative Leadership

Chair of house appropriations
Lee Chatfield: (517) 373-0835
Chair of senate appropriations
Jim Stamas: (517) 373-7946
Script for calling Representatives:
Hi, I’m calling to urge Representative Chatfield / Senator Stamas to build a sustainable road repair and maintenance plan instead of unpredictable large chunks of funding. We need to ensure our infrastructure receives ongoing maintenance instead of sporadic fixes once things get unacceptable.

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