Glossary of Democratic Party Terms:

These are a few terms you’re likely to hear at Party meetings and more. For a wider range of political and civic terminology, check out CivCity’s Ann Arbor Votes Glossary.

Caucus: A group of members who unite to advance a cause or an issue. Learn more about Michigan Democratic Party Caucusi at

CD: Congressional District

Credential: A physical proof that you have registered and are recognized as a member, such as your member card. Used for voting at conventions.

DSCC: Democratic State Central Committee

DNC: Democratic National Committee

MDP: Michigan Democratic Party

MDP Membership: Membership in the Michigan Democratic Party. Learn more about joining the MDP here.

Precinct Delegate (PD): A volunteer who is elected (during the primary election) to represent and organize their precinct within the County Party. Learn more about Precinct Delegates here.

WCDP: Washtenaw County Democratic Party

WCDP membership: Membership in the Washtenaw County Democratic Party.

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