Local Elections 2020

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Washtenaw County Community College

David Devarti

Dave Devarti

During my service on the Community College Board of Trustees I have worked hard to keep tuition rates low for Washtenaw County residents and taxpayers. The College’s tuition rates are at the very lowest end of colleges throughout the state. Combined with assertively offering financial aid to students with the greatest financial need our low tuition rates have brought higher education within reach of all Washtenaw County residents.

I am committed to maintaining the high quality Arts and Humanities course offerings at the College. I have supported and will continue to support providing the resources to offer the strongest programs in Nursing and other health related fields; as well as for cutting edge vocation instruction in diverse fields from Welding to Computer Technology and Security. Our college has invested over the last six years in building the strength and diversity of our on-line learning opportunities, which at this moment in time has made WCC a leader in the arena of Distance Learning.

I have been a student at WCC, as have my father and my son. I have worked to improve transparency and communication between students, faculty and administration.

I am proud to have served as your representative on the Board at Washtenaw Community College, one of the great higher education institutions in our county and in our state.

Ruth Hatcher
Ruth Hatcher

Ms. Hatcher is a retired instructor who taught writing and literature for 30 years at Washtenaw Community College.  She served as English/Writing Department Chair for several years. Other positions she held at the college include: director of the English/Writing Department Writing Center, interim Vice President of Instruction, interim Dean of Humanities and Social Science, assistant to the Dean of HSS assigned to write the first Assessment Report to The North Central Association. During her tenure she received several awards including: 1986 – Faculty Recognition Award from the Board of Trustees, 1989 – National Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas,  1991 – the first Morris Lawrence Award, 1995 – Administrative Group Special Service Award, 2000 – WCC Vision of Racial Equity Award, and 2004 – WCC Model Award for Motivating and Developing Leaders. She also held several appointed and elected positions in the Washtenaw Community College Education Association including President of the Association overseeing several faculty contracts. In 2014, she was elected to the Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees for a six-year term beginning in January, 2015.

Ruth Hatcher grew up on the south side of Chicago attending both the University of Chicago Lab School and Hyde Park HS.  She attended Earlham College, a Quaker school in Indiana where she earned a B.A. in English. Following her graduation, she worked at Earlham College as Head Resident of women’s dormitories and Assistant Director of the Faculty Seminar in African American Studies.  After moving with her husband to Ann Arbor, she earned a M.A. in English and completed course work in the Doctor of Arts program at the University of Michigan.  It was in this program that her mentor, Dr. Richard Bailey ignited her passion for the community college.  Ruth has been married to Chuck, a retired fishery biologist, for 51 years.  They have three grown children: Charles, Robert, and Corinne.

Christina Fleming

Christina FlemingChristina M. H. Fleming is a web developer and systems engineer with over 18 years of professional experience. Ms. Fleming was elected to the Board of Trustees for a five-year term in November 2014 that began January 1, 2015. Her current term expires December 31, 2020.

Ms. Fleming grew up in Frankenmuth, Michigan and is a graduate of Frankenmuth High School. She moved to Ann Arbor as a student of the University of Michigan and graduated with a dual-degree in Sociology and Classical Archaeology. In Sociology she earned two certificates of specialization:  “Race, Class, Gender”, and “International Social Inequality.”

Ms. Fleming currently works as a tech consultant- Christina Fleming LLC. She has provided services for a variety of not-for-profit organizations assisting in launching websites and social media.

Ms. Fleming lives in Dexter, Michigan with her husband William and daughter Athena.

Ann Arbor City Council

Ward 1 – Lisa Disch

Lisa DischI am a proud and happy Ward One resident who moved here 12 years ago to take a job as a Professor at the University of Michigan in the Departments of Political Science and Women’s Studies. I grew up in Evanston, IL which, like Ann Arbor, is a small city that is home to splendid trees and a major university. I have a PhD in Political Science from Rutgers University and a B.A. in Political Science and English from Kenyon College. 

During my term in office I will advocate forcefully for Ward One getting its fair share of the city’s basic services. I will work for improving the quality of our roads and for better traffic management on the residential streets that have become major commuter throughways. I am committed to achieving measurable progress toward the city’s goals of providing affordable housing, to increasing the number and diversity of market-rate housing opportunities, and to establishing a renters’ commission to ensure that all Ann Arbor residents have the advocacy and representation they deserve. I prioritize land use and housing development as two areas where city government has the power to redress structural racism, which is another top priority for me. I am also committed to working for changes to the city charter and state law that will strengthen community oversight of policing and bring public safety provision in Ann Arbor more closely in line with this community’s values. Finally, I will work to advance the city’s carbon neutrality plan.

Ward 2 – Linh Song

Linh SongI am the firstborn American of Vietnamese refugees with a family history of struggle and overcoming incredible odds to be where I am today. I’ve experienced Ann Arbor as a student, service worker, professional, and parent since 1995. My love for the city extended to local office when I was elected in 2016 to the Ann Arbor District Library’s Board of Trustees, where I serve out the remainder of my term in December.

This November I hope to be seated on Ann Arbor’s City Council to address some of our community’s challenges including an affordable housing crisis, environmental pollution, and socioeconomic and racial segregation. My training as a community organizer and social worker pushes me to confront difficult issues, head on. We need council representatives who are committed to listening to the community and who will actively engage community members missing from the conversation. My work with the Ann Arbor District Library, Ann Arbor Public Schools, as well as support for Democratic Party candidates demonstrates my dedication to the community and public service.

Ward 3 – Travis Radina

Travis RadinaI am running for City Council, because I believe that Ann Arbor residents pay for and deserve better than basic public services, because access to clean drinking water should be a basic human right, because we are in the midst of a housing and affordability crisis that is threatening our city’s future, to help achieve our ambitious carbon neutrality goals, and to expand upon the city’s long history of leadership on human and civil rights.


I was raised in Frankenmuth, MI as the proud son of a UAW autoworker and a public school employee. Shortly after moving to Ann Arbor in 2004 to attend the University of Michigan, I knew I found my eventual home. I am currently the Director of Global Alumni Communities at the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan and previously served as Legislative Director to the Democratic Floor Leader in the Michigan House of Representatives. In addition to his work, I am LGBTQ Liaison to the Ann Arbor Mayor and President of the Jim Toy Community Center.


Ward 4 – Jen Eyer

Jen EyerAs a Democratic communications leader and community activist, I fight for progressive policies and help organizations solve tough issues. A longtime former journalist and editor with The Ann Arbor News and MLive, I was unanimously chosen in 2016 to fill an interim seat on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. I have deep roots in Ann Arbor’s 4th Ward, where I and my family have lived for more than 20 years. I am running for City Council to lead Ann Arbor forward.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: I believe we should promote diversity as part of everything we do: in housing, transit, the environment and more. I am also committed to police and criminal justice reform — an issue she has worked on for years. I will explore expanding the responsibilities of the police oversight commission, and work to reform use-of-force guidelines, implement new training to reduce potentially hostile interactions between officers and citizens, and coordinate police response with highly trained crisis workers. 

Housing: I am committed to making Ann Arbor more affordable and accessible to people at all income levels. On council, I will advocate for setting aside a portion of taxes from new developments for the city’s affordable housing fund, moving forward on the city’s proposed affordable housing sites, and allowing new housing to be built on our transportation corridors. 

Climate Action: I know that climate change is by far the biggest threat to the future of our planet, our children and our grandchildren. I believe our progressive, educated community should be a national leader in fighting climate change. I fully support the mission of our Office of Sustainability, and will work to implement Ann Arbor’s A2Zero plan to achieve the goal of 100 percent carbon neutrality by 2030.

Ward 5 – Erica Briggs

Erica Briggs

I am a 20-year resident of Ann Arbor and an environmental nonprofit director. I received my PhD in Political Science from Michigan State University in May 2020. My priorities include making local government more transparent and accessible and building a more sustainable, livable, inclusive, and just Ann Arbor.




Ann Arbor School Board

Jeff Gaynor

Jeff GaynorJeff attended Detroit Public Schools and is a proud graduate from Cass Tech H.S. He received his B.A. Ed. from U-M and an M.A. Ed. from EMU.  His daughters attended Burns Park, Tappan and Pioneer, before earning advanced degrees.

In a 38-year career as a classroom teacher, 32 with the Ann Arbor Public Schools, Jeff taught grades 1 through 8, with additional substitute teaching at the high school level. Over the years Jeff presented at numerous conferences in the areas of Math, Social Studies, and Computer Learning.  He was the first webmaster at Clague M.S.  Jeff was also selected to participate in three month-long teacher study trips, to Belize in 2005, to Turkey in 2009, and to South Africa in 2013.

Jeff was recruited by a coalition of progressive parents and teachers to run for the AAPS School Board in 2016.  Endorsed by the Ann Arbor Education Association and the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, he came in first.

Believing in openness, transparency and collaboration, Jeff served as Board Secretary for 3+ years of his first term.  In this role he held dozens of community meetings and responded to hundreds of e-mails from citizens.

Ernesto Querijero

Ernesto QuerijeroErnesto Querijero is a husband, father of two, and a career educator who is seeking your support for one of the three open seats on the Ann Arbor School Board this November. He has lived in Ann Arbor for over 25 years, and because of his background and experiences, he is the right candidate to serve our community in this role.

A graduate from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English and from the University of Pennsylvania with an M.S. Ed in Secondary Education, Ernesto has had two careers in his professional life; his first was in technology.

Ernesto has 15 years teaching experience. He first taught at Tecumseh High School from 2005-2013, where helping the most needy students launched his career. He taught a variety of classes including Basic English, a class for incoming freshman who graduated to high school despite 4th and 5th grade reading levels, and AP English, a rigorous class that allows high-achieving, motivated students to earn college credit. In his time there, he chaired the School Improvement Committee. Since 2010, Ernesto has taught developmental writing courses at Washtenaw Community College. These courses enroll the most vulnerable students.

Ernesto stands with long-term student learning. He believes the role of public schools is to prepare students to be fair and responsible leaders, innovators, civil participants, and problem-solvers in the world to come. He has always fought for student support, student access, and student self-advocacy, which in itself is a learned practice. Public schools must offer students a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

He is a regular parent volunteer who has sat on both sides of parent-teacher conferences. He is an active educator who will be teaching in a virtual classroom.  He is a first-generation Asian- American and a proud union member. Vote Ernesto Querijero for the Ann Arbor School Board on November 3; he is the right person to help guide our district at a much needed time.

Krystle Dupree

Krystle DuPreeI am running for school board because I care. As an Army veteran and an activist, I have dedicated my life to service. As a mother and a Social Worker, I understand the impact education has on our community. If elected, I plan to advocate for amplifying the student’s voice and uplifting the student perspective by pushing for a student liaison on the board and allowing AAPS to exemplify their mission and provide students with learning opportunities to “Advance the common good.” I will also advocate for consistent access to special education information and resources throughout the district. Combining both community voice and evidence-based suggestions, I will also bring a program and policy perspective to tackling the preschool to prison pipeline and the education gaps here in AAPS.

I cannot do this alone. Our campaign will rely on the support of grassroots organizing and grassroots donations to win. Thank you for your support!


Ann Arbor Twp

Clerk – Rena Basch

I was first elected Township Clerk in 2004, running then as now on what I call the “green team”, a bi-partisan slate that focuses on environmental leadership, and sustainable, responsible development. I bring my past experience as a technology leader and small business owner, and my progressive Democratic values to Township Board deliberations and governance.

Our team welcomes diverse opinions and expertise, and strives to find consensus on policies, ordinances and decisions that benefit individuals, the community and the Earth. For example, Ann Arbor Township has run one of the first farmland and open space preservation programs in the state, preserving over 1400 acres of land, while at the same time overseeing the environmentally responsible building of new residences, and research and business facilities within our borders.

Our current Township Board running together as a slate, remains committed to community service and excellence in governance As the Township Clerk, I will continue to proactively support voting rights and reforms to that improve our democracy, continue to update our technical proficiency for the municipal operations, and continue to provide leadership with an eye to the future and the health and safety of our community. My guiding principle continues to be ‘think globally, act locally.’

Ann Arbor Twp Trustee

John Allison

John AllisonI have been honored to serve the residents of Ann Arbor Charter Township since 1996, when I was elected Trustee along with Della DiPietro and Mike Moran and we formed the nucleus of a bipartisan team. For nearly two decades, our township board has worked together effectively in this way. In 2020, we are running again as a slate of incumbents.

Although we may identify ourselves as Democrats and Republicans, those affiliations don’t come into our board deliberations and actions. We have a record of accomplishment of which we are proud including efforts to increase citizen participation, careful management of growth and farmland preservation. Our significant goals are to continue working together in this non-partisan manner as we refine policies and practices that protect neighborhoods and natural features, preserve our rural character and provide effective services at an affordable cost.

One passion of mine is the farmland preservation program funded in part by a millage approved by township residents in 2004. We have protected forever over 1400 acres of township farmland – and township taxpayers have only borne 34% of the cost as we effectively partnered with city, county and federal programs to reduce the cost to our residents. Other initiatives to continue and enhance are expansion of bike/walking natural trails and fostering new small farm operations producing organic food. We also think it will be important to develop policies to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure that dangerous chemicals that may enter our waterways do not endanger our residents or the enjoyment of our wonderful natural features.

Michael Moran

Michael MoranI was first elected as Ann Arbor Township Trustee in 1996 and served until 2002 when I became Township Supervisor. I served in that capacity for 18 years until June of this year at which time I was appointed as a Trustee. I am running for a final term as Trustee.

During my 18 years as Supervisor, I led our bi-partisan Board of Trustees in a platform focusing on environmental concerns and responsible development. During that time we preserved in perpetuity 1400 acres of farmland while approving new development in the Township Technology Park including additions to Toyota’s facilities, expansion of IMRA’s laser research facilities, two additions to the National Sanitation World Headquarters, major additions to Domino’s Farms Office Park, and approval of a 270,000 sq foot second World Headquarters for KLA, an international developer of process and control equipment for the semiconductor industry. 

In addition, our bi-partisan board approved development of a 260 unit senior assisted living facility and several new housing developments in areas identified in our Master Plan for that use. Our board also completed our first multi-use trail, which we are now expanding. I am running to help continue that successful blend of land preservation and responsible development. We also need to focus on expanding a network of trails to connect our residents and continue work to connect all of our residents to affordable broadband services.”

Rodney Smith

Rodney SmithI am pleased to run as part of a bipartisan slate of candidates for the leadership of Ann Arbor Charter Township. I was appointed as Trustee earlier this year after a career as an Emergency Physician and member of the board of directors for the St. Joseph Mercy Health System, Huron Valley Physicians Association, and Emergency Physicians Medical Group. 

In each of these roles, I found that a service-oriented approach which includes listening and understanding the backgrounds, needs, and aspirations of patients, providers, and the community were essential to effective, responsible decision-making, and I bring that community-focused, service orientation to the Township as Trustee.

In this polarized climate, it sometimes seems like bipartisan governing is a relic of the past. But unlike the partisan rancor demonstrated in Washington and Lansing, the local Township has had strong, effective, bipartisan leadership for over 20 years. They have demonstrated an ability to thoughtfully consider a variety of viewpoints and reach consensus as demonstrated by their accomplishments, which include: – Enacting ordinances that allow for development while minimizing the environmental impact, including such issues as wetlands and stormwater management, attention to natural features, and tree mitigation. – Attracting development including the newest All Seasons senior living complex and the headquarters for KLA. – Stewardship of resources that leaves the Township fiscally sound while keeping taxes considerably lower than in the city. – Considering the long-term quality of life in the Township by developing the Recreation Master Plan, building the mixed-use trail along Dixboro Rd, and farmland and open-space preservation. – Recently establishing a Climate Resilience Committee to assure long-term planning related to climate change.

It is the quality of the leadership and its commitment to the community that convinced me to join the Board of Trustees, and a vote for me and the incumbent bipartisan slate of officers is a vote for continuing fiscal and environmental stewardship, responsible development, and proactive planning for the future. 

Kris Olsson

Kris OlssonI’ve been on the AAT planning commission for 20+ years and have found that the current board, all of whom are running for re-election, are excellent public servants for the township and for the environment, which as you know is my first concern. I want AAT to continue to have the highest qualified Trustees.

I am a 20-year member of the Ann Arbor Township Planning Commission, who has served as its Chair and provided invaluable guidance. I have worked as a watershed ecologist with Huron River Watershed Council for 28 years and hold Master of Science degrees from U-M in resource ecology and natural resource policy. Thank you for helping maintain our Township’s two-decade record of strong leadership.


Augusta Twp

Supervisor – Cath Howard

I am running for Township Supervisor because I want to ensure that Augusta Township successfully addresses the serious challenges that we face and will be facing in the upcoming years with our utility system, completing our new fire station, and the potential financial shortages related to the ongoing pandemic.

I am committed to having a reliable and financially solvent utility system that is funded by reasonable customer fees in keeping with local standards. My goals are to reduce our losses, including those from the lack of charging adequate operating fees, and ultimately re-adjust our rates to be more comparable with local standards. I want to find a long-term solution to dumping, including preventative actions that will survive successive boards. A supervisor with a pick-up truck is not a sustainable solution no matter how noble.

I will seek a more proactive relationship with the Washtenaw County Road Commission and the Water Resources Commission (Drains). We not only need Board members working closely with them, we also need community representation to provide input to and with the Board. Needs vary throughout the township and representation is a vital part of effective advocacy and problem solving.

I am committed to increasing community engagement; I believe that it is the Board’s responsibility to provide as much information to the public as possible and to encourage their input and involvement in important decisions that impact them. I will bring a higher level of professionalism, transparency, and organizational knowledge to the office of Township Supervisor. Augusta Township has a history of elected officials who have failed to practice personal responsibility and self-control, causing harm by failing to protect our community’s assets and our reputation. Augusta Township needs a supervisor who can function in a manner that demonstrates competency, truthfulness and will enhance the reputation and overall welfare of the community. 

Clerk – Kimberly Gonczy

Kim Gonczy


Kimberly Gonczy currently serves as the Deputy Clerk for Augusta Township, and works with H&B Bookkeeping and Tax Service in Ypsilanti.




Treasurer – Susan Burek

Susan BurekI am proud of fulfilling my campaign promises to you in the last four years as Augusta Township treasurer. I successfully honored my pledge to bring fiscal responsibility back in the Township treasurer’s office. With the current board, the treasury office helped redeem the Township’s reputation with Michigan Treasury Department by having three perfect financial audits. I also fulfilled my promise to be a positive and professional person interacting with the board to move us all forward.

If re-elected, my vision as treasurer is to continue to work with the board for fund balance health and state compliance within the utility department. I want to continue requiring the long term capital budgeting plan so that we know what big ticket items are needed and how we will pay for them. I will work to hold the water and sewer operations group accountable for the water and sewer running through the systems. We have leaks in the system and we are paying for those leaks. I also want to maintain the high level of financial transparency and accountability that I have demanded since I have been elected I want to oversee the bond proceeds for the fire hall construction for proper and transparent recordkeeping. I also pledge to continue my honest and fiscally responsible work in the treasurer’s office, keeping our township’s money safe and secure. 

Augusta Twp Trustee

Linda Adams

Linda Adams


I am running for reelection as Augusta township trustee. It has been my privilege to serve on the board. And would love your support.




Terrance Darnell Green

Michigan runs through my blood and my veins & the American Dream is how I got to where I am today. I brought myself from poverty to running successful businesses, raising a family & helping 4 children through college, and forming lasting relationships in Augusta. As your humbled trustee, I vow to get the water billing department organized. For too long, residents of Augusta have stood victim to disorganization in water billing—using my experience running a carpentry and realty business, I will design proposals to restructure the department and spearhead these changes myself.

Augusta Township is a beautiful place and it should remain a haven for residents to enjoy its greenery, its parks, and its people without new business construction coming constantly. As trustee, I plan to work diligently to ensure there is no new construction in areas that would hurt the beloved nature we currently all enjoy. If you hold Michigan close to your heart, if you love Augusta, and if you are willing to support true reform right in our very township, I ask you to come out and vote for me to support progress right here in your home. 

David Hall

No info provided

Kathleen Ruth McDonald

No info provided

Chelsea City

Chelsea School Board

Mark VanDeWege (write-in)

Mark VanDeWege

I believe Chelsea students, teachers, and administrative staff deserve the best facilities, teaching supplies, and learning materials that the community has to offer. All students, no matter what they look like, who they love, or where they worship or don’t, deserve to be treated respectfully and as a valued child of our community.




Dexter City

Dexter City Council


Cole Miller

Cole is a theater manager and technician at the University of Michigan and the son of two working parents who moved to the small village of Dexter more than forty years ago. A graduate of Dexter High School and the University of Michigan, Cole has grown up alongside our town, has been engaged with local politics from a young age, and seeks to serve the city that he grew up in.

He is a member of Dexter’s Housing Task Force, studying the local housing situation in what has been one of Michigan’s fastest growing communities. Cole is running for City Council to help Dexter to a responsible, inclusive, and sustainable future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. He has also been working towards a more accessible city government by making Dexter council meetings available online for the first time. On council he would continue this work for open and transparent Dexter that engages with the community.

Dexter Board of Education

Elise Bruderly

Elise BruderlyI am running for a seat on the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education because, quite simply, I value public education. I am a product of, and extremely grateful for the public education I have received throughout my life. I want to pay-it-forward, to ensure continued high-quality public education for my own children and those in the Dexter Community.

I have a BA in Psychology and an MSW (Masters in Social Work), both from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My professional life has been as a Clinical Social Worker in health care settings. I have spent the last 5 years supporting the school district as a volunteer- board member and President- of Excellence 4 Dexter Students, a non-profit organization begun in 2015 to raise meaningful financial support for the general budget of Dexter Community Schools. During that time E4DS raised and donated $182,000 to Dexter Community Schools.

As a school board member, I will represent all children and families, actively considering the diversity of strengths, needs, and circumstances in our community. I will be a voice that supports the whole child-their emotional and intellectual growth as well as their physical and mental well-being. I will prioritize connecting and engaging with the community, making an effort to hear community members’ ideas and concerns as well as explain the rationale for any decisions I have made.

Dexter Twp

Supervisor – Diane Ratkovich

Diane RatkovichI am a candidate for the office of Dexter Township Supervisor. I am running for Township Supervisor because I have the desire and skills to work hand in hand with the residents and businesses of Dexter Township to protect and improve our quality of life. 

This important work begins with communication and community engagement. If elected, I pledge to work hard, both for you and with you, to develop and maintain a Community Engagement Plan focused on making and keeping Dexter Township an attractive, inclusive, efficient, healthy and resilient place to live. The first step in development of a Community Engagement Plan is to create an efficient and systematic method to keep you informed about what is happening in the township and, importantly, why it matters. The next and equally crucial step is to invite and encourage your input and participation in solving current township issues and shaping the township’s future. 

As a successful business owner, I have become skilled in the art of negotiation and mediation. I am experienced at building teams to get information, evaluate issues and develop inclusive, relevant solutions. I have been a Realtor for 20 years, currently with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services. My client’s needs are at the heart of every transaction. I also own and operate an Equine Training facility on North Territorial with my daughter. I am college educated holding a Master’s Degree in Human Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. I cherish this community and the people who live here and I am committed to contributing in whatever way I can to help keep Dexter Township a great place to live and work. I’m asking for your support in this endeavor. 

Clerk – Michelle Stamboulellis

Michelle StamboulelisMy name is Michelle Stamboulellis and it is an honor to announce my candidacy for the Office of Dexter Township Clerk in the upcoming November 2020 election. I am a graduate of Dexter High School (1996) and stayed local for college attending Washtenaw Community College and Eastern Michigan University. I live in the township with my husband, Nick, and our two boys Nicholas, 19, who is in his first year attending Washtenaw Community College, and Alexander, 16, who will be a senior at Dexter High School and loves Automotive Consortium.

As an owner of a successful local business I have 22 years of experience in a wide variety of duties. Those duties range from managerial, bookkeeping, accounts payable / receivable, hiring, payroll as well as having an active role, as a member of the team, on the job. Serving as Dexter Township Clerk requires excellent organization skills and customer service, attention to detail, computer skills and a positive attitude which I have acquired and mastered during many years of hands-on experience of running my own company.

I love Dexter and I am proud to call Dexter home. I have many reasons for running for Township office with the most important reason being to listen to my constituents and be their voice; Encouraging community involvement and engagement is what makes government a success. I appreciate your consideration, for Dexter Township Clerk, and will be thankful for your vote November 3, 2020.

Treasurer – Maris Metz

Maris MetzAs a resident of Dexter for nearly 35 years, I am running for the position of township treasurer as a way to give back to my community through hard work and service. My family and I plan to live here permanently, therefore I believe it is important to be involved with past, current and future plans of the township.

The position I am running for is not inherently partisan. I would like to be clear that I am running as a voice of all residents. My career of experience as an independently contracted home caregiver, small business owner and master certified health coach has helped me to acquire and hone the skills required to be an efficient caretaker of the township’s finances. I have been trained in compassionate communication, conflict resolution and appreciative inquiry. My educational background, work experience and skill set would foster a township government that is fair, transparent and engaging.

My values and interests, in regards to our township include: responsible growth while maintaining rural character, current surveying for interests and concerns of our residents, building relationships and working closely with our neighboring townships, as well as encouraging involvement of our community members with current technology. I view our township as a rare gem. If elected, it would be my honor to serve all constituents and the place we call home.

Dexter Twp Trustees 

Karen Nolte

No info provided

Laura L. Sanders

Laura SandersI am running for the Board of Trustees in Dexter Township because I care deeply for our environment, our natural resources, and our increasingly diverse community of caring people from historic farm families, to newcomers with young children. My spouse, Ramiro, and I live on a nine-acre farm off a country road where we nurture friendly farm animals and share them with our family and community. I am mom to twin, adult daughters who I am very proud of, and we enjoy stewardship of this beautiful property and hobby-farming with our family of critters.

By trade I am an instructor of social work at the University of Michigan, community advocate, and a therapist who works with children and families who have faced trauma and other struggles. I am in the caring professions, rooted in listening closely to people’s needs and helping them to take practical action to improve their lives.

These skills also lead me to notice the needs of our natural world, listen compassionately to the concerns of local folks, and act to empower, protect, and grow the kind of community we need and want. I am committed to providing farmers options for land use and sale, supporting essential services and thoughtful development that protects our waterways, park lands and the rural charm of Dexter Township.

Karen Kim Sikkenga

No info provided

Mary Beth Michaud (write-in)

No info provided