Local Elections 2020

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Lyndon Twp

Supervisor – Pam Byrnes

Pam ByrnesMuch of my career has been focused on public service. Qualities that I strive to demonstrate include being responsive to the needs of people in the community, making the process more efficient, and finding practical, fiscally-sound solutions.

My experience includes:

  • State Representative for the 52nd District (which includes Lyndon Township)
  • Washtenaw County Road Commissioner
  • Washtenaw County Friend of the Court Attorney practice in Washtenaw County for over 40 years
  • Numerous boards, commissions and projects at the local and state level

Above all, my guiding principle is to address the needs and interests of the people I am serving. As Supervisor, my goals will be to continue the implementation/installation of the broadband initiative approved by the voters and to maintain the direction established in the Master Plan. The township is a member of several regional authorities that share resources to efficiently provide services to our community such as fire protection and sewer. 

Lyndon Township has become a destination area for those who enjoy outdoor recreation and appreciation of nature. The township is home to many small farms that support our local markets. The residents value our rural character as the number one reason for living here. Through proper stewardship and adherence to the Master Plan and Zoning Map, we can protect our diverse natural resources and the rural character of the township.

Clerk – Linda Lou Reilly

Linda Lou ReillyEvery vote counts. Since elections have become the most expensive and time-consuming responsibility of the Clerk, I promise to increase efficiency, privacy, and accuracy. My experience in making process improvements will prevent errors, reduce costs and facilitate township activities. A better clerk can better serve your needs as township residents. Re-elect me as your Township Clerk and you will re-elect experience.

EXPERIENCE Over 17 years’ experience as your Certified Lyndon Township Clerk Elections and voter records Maintain and protect Township records Municipal Accounting/Bookkeeping System



Treasurer – Kristen Brekke

Kristin BrekkeAfter receiving my degree from Western Michigan University, I spent 12 years working with individuals with mental illness and traumatic brain injuries. Upon returning to the Chelsea area, I spent time working in the insurance industry until recently taking over as Lyndon Township Treasurer.

As treasurer, I have been working to streamline processes and look forward to opportunities to create and continue practices to ensure our township remains fiscally sound. I was raised in Chelsea, and after spending 17 years in West Michigan, moved my family back to the area. My two boys are enrolled in the Chelsea School District and I love watching them play on the same ball fields I did as a child. I look forward to all of the opportunities this community has to offer and am excited to be a part of it.



Lyndon Twp Trustees

Tim A. Eder

Tim EderI’m running for office to keep Lyndon a great place to live. Our Township has done some great things lately. I intend to use my leadership skills to keep us moving in the right direction – protecting open space, recreation lands, farmers, farmland, and our bounty of lakes, forests and trails. We need to finish the job of connecting everyone to high speed fiber optic and keep government spending to a responsible amount.

Professional and public service roles:

CURRENT: – Employed as a Program Officer for the CS Mott Foundation – Vice Chairman of the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative – Lyndon Township Board of Review

PREVIOUS: – Executive Director, Great Lakes Commission – Chairman, Friends of Chelsea and Lyndon Township (Deny the Mine) – Board member, Washtenaw County Road Commission – Village of Chelsea Planning Commission (2 years as Chair) – Chelsea United Way Board (2 years as Chair)

Robert Mester

I am running for Trustee, Lyndon Township. I am 66 years old, all of them spent in Lyndon Township, and yes, both Mester Roads are named after my family. I work for the City of Dexter Public Utilities Department. I have been on the Township Board for 12 years,and the Planning Commission for 16. I am also currently on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Chelsea Area Planning Team/Dexter Area Regional Team, and I have served on the Recreation Committee and as an alternate to the Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority Board. I have also been Assistant Zoning Officer at times.

I am proud of the Township role in the Broadband initiative, the DTE bike trail, and the Huron-Waterloo trail. All three have had long histories. I am also proud of the fact all this was done with care, transparency, and frugality. Even with the badly needed Township Hall expansion, the Township remains in excellent fiscal condition.

While I am a registered Democrat, party politics has not played a significant role in Township government. Courtesy to each other and concern for the welfare of our residents have always played a much greater role in our deliberations. I owe my colleagues on the Board much gratitude for that fact. I value frugality, up to a point. There is a role for Township action and leadership, in service to heartfelt needs of the community. Planning and zoning are necessary for peace and community, but must be reasonable and serve common and obvious ends.

The functions of Township government, while seemingly mundane, are vital and deserve to be done right and with energy and attention to detail, as I believe they have been done over the past 12 years. I am running mainly because I hope my experience will serve a new Board well, as I and Clerk Linda Reilly are the only two remaining from the present Board.

Manchester Twp

Treasurer – Laurie Carey

Laurie CareyRecently I was asked why I was running to retain my position as Treasurer. I had only one simple answer, I love what I do! As current Treasurer and past Deputy Treasurer I have been serving the Manchester community and residents for 7 years. My duties as Treasurer include the use of governmental accounting practices for the billing, collection and distribution of tax dollars and the protection and management of Township funds.

During my time here I have streamlined the tax collection process by making online credit card payments available, enabled an automated payment system for collection of escrow funds, and developed a system to batch multi parcel owners saving hundreds of dollars in postage each season. I have worked with the County to secure services for homeowners in fear of losing their homes and have established payment options at a local level for those needing alternative solutions for tax payments.

I am an independent, strong voice on our township board, not just protecting your tax dollars, but using my votes as your voice for the issues that we face as a community. My door has always been open to either listen to the concerns of residents, or hear and ask your opinions while considering challenges presented to the board. Some of the issues that I continue to promote include exploring solutions for Township police services, supporting the County and State in their efforts to bring affordable internet access for our entire community, assist the initiatives being made with the Washtenaw County Parks for the Border to Border Trail, to protect and promote our farming resources, find transportation solutions for residents having limited mobility to have access to services and opportunities that may lay across our township lines, to stay active with the recycle authority and, I would really like to see a dog park here. 

Recovering from this pandemic as a community is what faces us all moving forward, and it will present a new set of challenges that may not be defined or identified yet. Through these uncharted pathways I plan to continue to be an advocate for our community and hope to protect, preserve and promote all that Manchester has to offer. As I have said before, not everyone is happy to come in and pay their taxes but my goal continues to be that they at least leave with a smile. Thank you for your continued support.

Manchester Twp Trustee

John Seefeld

No info provided

Northfield Twp

Supervisor – L.J. Walter III

No info provided

Northfield Twp Trustee

Dana Forrester

David J. Gordon

Christine Miles

Adam Olney

No info provided

Pittsfield Twp

Supervisor –  Mandy Grewal

Mandy GrewalMy work at Great Lakes Commission inspired me to enter the Urban Planning Ph.D. program at the Univ. of Michigan. My work on equity (Planning for the Marginalized) and social justice (advocacy for domestic violence & sexual assault survivors) led me into public service.

After serving two terms as Washtenaw County Commissioner for Pittsfield Township, I ran for Supervisor because I wanted to use my planning skills to outline a blueprint of promoting sustainable equity within a suburban context. Since 2009, I have worked hard to deliver on that vision by establishing multi-modal transportation, transit, the Farmers Market, green infrastructure, community gardens, and neighborhood parks. I have worked to reduce sprawl, expand green spaces, acquire nearly $20 million in grant funds, support diverse & affordable housing. As we address social injustices and the Great Pandemic, I will use my experience to lead Pittsfield Township in promoting Respectful, Inclusive, and Sustainable Equity.


Clerk – Michelle L. Anzaldi

Michelle AnzaldiAfter living in Pittsfield for 13 years and raising my family here, I am humbled by the opportunity to use my legal skills and passion as the current Township Clerk. I will always promote secure and fair elections, strive for excellent recordkeeping that is fully accessible to the public, and keep an open-door policy. I am committed to residents first and working to have a sustainable, vibrant community. 

I administer secure and fair elections for 27,000 voters in the Township; maintain all official records of the Township, working towards electronic records and retention for all records; process FOIA requests in accordance with an open and transparent culture at the Township; and manage and oversee the financials of the Township, verifying all transactions are appropriate and authorized. I am a staff attorney at Zeal Credit Union in Wayne County, where I provide assistance and support to management involving contract negotiations, interpreting compliance regulations, and advising on general legal matters. 

My associations and memberships include the State Bar of Michigan, the U.S. District Court for both the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, the Michigan Democratic Party, the Village of Hickory Pointe Homeowners Association (Board of Directors), Washtenaw County Moms Demand Action (Co-Legislative Lead), and the Washtenaw County Municipal and Township Clerks Association (President).

Treasurer – Patricia Tupacz Scribner

Patricia Tupacz ScribnerI have been serving as Treasurer for Pittsfield Charter Township since November 2008 and was re-elected in 2012 and 2016. I earned the Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer (MiCPT), credential certified by the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA) in 2011. I have maintained this credential through a yearly MMTA program accredited by Central Michigan University and through additional treasury-specific education offered by the MMTA.

Serving as Treasurer for Pittsfield Charter Township is an extension of my longstanding commitment to the community. The Treasurer’s office has a focus on customer service, fiscal stewardship, and professionalism. The integrity of the Treasurer’s Office is essential to the growth and economic vitality of our community.

As your Treasurer, I have set a higher standard of fiduciary responsibility. Under my direction, the office has:

  • -Achieved Standard & Poor’s Rating to AA+
  • -Implemented additional Tax payment options
  • -Updated software programs to increase efficiency
  • -Added online payment options for Parks & Recreation Programs
  • -Provided online educational information to residents

I serve on the Pittsfield Charter Township’s Board of Trustees, Washtenaw County Treasurers Association, Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission, Pittsfield Historic District Commission, and the Arts & Culture Excellence in Pittsfield Committee.

Pittsfield Twp Trustees

Linda G. Edwards-Brown

Linda Edwards BrownI began my career with the Washtenaw County Juvenile Court in 1978. I retired March 1, 2020. I am passionate about juvenile justice and believe that children are a community’s most valuable resource.

I am currently a part-time Lecturer in Eastern Michigan University’s School of Social Work and a Trustee for Pittsfield Charter Township. I also serve on the board of Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw, the Michigan Center for Youth Justice, the Michigan Association for Treatment Court Professionals and the Edward Ginsberg Community Advisory Board.

There are several issues facing the township; fiscal stewardship, environmental stewardship, equity and sustainable growth. I will continue to work to solve these issues by working with the township board to identify and apply for grant funding to offset the decline in state revenue sharing; talking to residents and getting their feedback and suggestions on how to prioritize these issues; and researching and learning from what other communities have done and are doing to address these issues.


Yameen Jaffer

Yameen JafferI am the Founder and President of Jafferson Travel LLC, a Pittsfield Township-based small business providing international travel service to corporate clients, groups, and individuals throughout the United States. I serve on the Pittsfield Township Economic Success Strategies Committee working to outline and implement a vision that promotes sustainable and place-based strategies for retaining and growing local businesses in Pittsfield Township.

I have been married for nearly 30 years and have 2 children. Having lived in and owned a successful small business in Pittsfield for over 20 years, and serving on the Economic Success Strategies Committee, I feel strongly about not just preserving but strengthening the diversity of the population and businesses in our community.



Gerald Krone

Gerald KroneI have served as a Pittsfield Township Trustee since 2008. I and my wife have both lived in Washtenaw County for almost 50 years, and in my current home in Pittsfield Charter Township for more than 35 years. When we moved from “the city” (Ann Arbor) to a “home in the country” in 1985 (Pittsfield), there was one subdivision along Textile Road west of Michigan Avenue, and most of Textile was still a gravel road.

As a social worker, becoming involved with one’s community was a natural process and something of a lifelong habit from when I became a Boy Scout growing up in Southwest Michigan. I have been actively serving my country, my state, and my community ever since: 4 years in the US Air Force in the mid-1960s, 4 years working with volunteers in the UM Health System in the 1970s, 1 year serving runaway youth in Wayne County, and almost 25 years working with persons with mental illness as a Forensic Social Worker for the State of Michigan. This life of professional service was overlapped by 4 years as a Trustee on the Saline Area Schools Board of Education, 15 years as secretary for my HOA, and 12 years on the Township’s Board of Trustees, along with multiple other roles focused on community service.


Andrea Urda-Thompson

Andrea Urda ThompsonAs a longtime Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher, I know and understand the challenges facing our families and our communities. I will work for you. Together, we will create a more open, transparent, effective, respectful, and responsible local government. I love our diverse and welcoming community, and I would be honored and grateful to have your support.

I am a Michigan Certificated Teacher and received my Masters in Geography from Eastern Michigan University. I am a high school science teacher, have taught in Ann Arbor Public Schools for 15 years, and am a member of the Michigan Education Association (MEA). I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Aquinas College where I studied Geography and Environmental Science. I previously served as an elected Pittsfield Township Trustee from 2004-2008. I was appointed to and served on Pittsfield’s Historical Commission and Planning Commission, and was a voting member of SEMCOG. 

In my personal life, I enjoy helping students pursue academic success in science classes. I am involved with the Great Lakes Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) and the American Conifer Society. 

Pittsfield Park Commission

Stacy L. Ebron

Stacy EbronI earned an B.A. from Duke University and a M.A. from the University of Michigan in Public Policy. While working in the public sector for most of my career, I managed several grant-funded projects and developed privacy and data collection policies for agencies who serve people experiencing homelessness.

I will use my policy and grant management experience and my analytical skills to inform my work as a Parks Commissioner. Perhaps my greatest influences are my two very active boys who enjoy using the parks, the biking and walking trails, and taking advantage of several of the programs offered to youth in the Township.

I will support equity, environmental preservation, accessibility, and fiscal management in all parks and recreation activities. As the Township begins its 5-year planning process, I am deeply committed to ensuring that all members of our diverse community are engaged in the planning process.


Anne Maxine Fortunato

Ann Maxine FortunatoI currently serve as a Pittsfield Charter Township Park Commissioner. Nature has always played an important part in my life. I grew up on a farm just south of Ann Arbor and have always had a strong connection with the outdoors… This foundation motivated me to earn a degree in environmental studies and political science. Since then, I have worked as an environmental educator and early childhood educator and in 2014, I founded a local branch of the nonprofit organization, Hike it Baby… Pittsfield Preserve was one of the very first places we hiked with the Hike it Baby organization. The Old Hickory Trail off of Textile Road was where I saw babies take their first steps and watched friendships bloom. So when I drove past, shortly after the Washtenaw County Road Commission began ripping down trees to pave this stretch of road, it was truly heartbreaking to me. The trailhead was filled with port-a-potties and construction vehicles instead of families getting together for a walk in the woods… That’s why I’m running for Pittsfield Township Park Commissioner.

I will work hard to ensure that we preserve this preserve and other green spaces for the health and wellness of our community and for the world as a whole. Our parks should be a reflection of our goals of sustainability here in Washtenaw County and, currently, I do not believe it has been. 

My bold, vibrant leadership style would bring an entirely new energy to the Parks Commission, where I can introduce innovative ideas to park design and promotion. Nature and adventure playgrounds, Adopt-a-Park Programs, and expanded multi-generational park programming are just a few of the goals that I hope to work toward, with the help of the Pittsfield Township Parks and Recreation Department.

Stephanie Hunt

Stephanie Hunt currently serves as a Pittsfield Charter Township Park Commissioner.

Trish Reilly

Trish ReillyI currently serve as Vice Chair of the Pittsfield Charter Township Park Commission. I  assisted in the startup of the Farmers Market, which has enhanced Perry Park, ensuring locally grown fresh produce is offered to residents of Pittsfield Township. I spearheaded the application and award of a $25,000 grant from the USDA to bring those fresh produce options to underserved communities in Pittsfield Township and the surrounding areas.

I have worked with the Township on several different visioning plans, and on a grant from the DNR for funding for fields at Hickory Woods Park near where I live in Ashburn Village. I also worked for many years with the HOA at Ashburn Village. Trish volunteered for activities including the annual Easter Egg hunt at Montebeller Park, peewee activities in Lily Park, the Harvest Festival, and Passport to Pittsfield. I have helped to raise 2 children and brought them through Carpenter, Scarlet, and now Huron and they have used many parks for many different activities. 

My hope is to continue to work as a park commissioner to ensure the things that are planned for the parks are enhancements, but also preserve the areas that need to be preserved; to make sure as things change and evolve we change and evolve; and to use the funds we have appropriately and build on them by securing grant funding.

Theresa S. Tupacz

Theresa S. Tupacz currently serves as Chair of the Pittsfield Charter Township Park Commission.

Saline City

Mayor – Christen Mitchell

Christen MitchellI grew up in Saline, am a proud graduate of Saline Area Schools, and I hold a MA in health administration. After four years of serving on council, I can better represent the interests of Saline by running for mayor.

My vision of Saline is that of a welcoming, accepting city that people want to call home. Our citizens deserve the best from their representatives, including transparency, efficiency and collaboration/participation. It’s time for a change! Residents and business owners require reliable infrastructure from roads to water. As mayor, I pledge to continue my consistent track record of fiscal responsibility, improve governmental workings, and establish better two-way communication. Saline should flourish – let’s accomplish that together.


Saline City Council

Dean Girbach

No info provided

Dawn Krause

Dawn KrauseI am a 1988 graduate from Saline High School and after living in both Jackson and Ann Arbor, Michigan, my family moved back to Saline five years ago to grieve the death of our son. Although this move was to be temporary, the amazing features of the Saline community changed our minds.

Saline truly is a wonderful community that seems to be caught in the middle of some growing pains. Although I am running for myself, not against anyone else, I believe a fresh set of eyes from someone who has lived in two very different municipalities, will only serve to help Saline move forward in a positive fashion.

I have two degrees from Michigan State University (Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science with a Cognate in International Political Science and History with a concentration in Eastern Europe.) I am a Research Administrator for the University of Michigan Medical School, in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In short, I manage the finances for both federal government and private sponsor grant funding. The attention to financial detail my career requires will serve the people of Saline well when making budgetary choices.

My campaign platform in a nutshell is to move us forward in a responsible manner, creating a safe place for parents to raise children all across the diversity spectrum, while we protect our existing resources, strengthen our infrastructure, and grow responsibly. I’d like to ensure we remain a strong council form of government and spend time looking at 3, 5, and 10 year plans. The city is served best when proactive decisions are made after thoroughly vetting all options instead of being on the back end of quick, temporary fixes.

Feel free to follow me for more information: Facebook: facebook.com/KrauseForCouncil Messenger: m.me/krauseforcouncil Instagram: ElectDawnKrause Twitter: @dawn_elect Email: ElectDawnKrause@gmail.com Website: www.ElectDawnKrause.com Phone: 734-904-5663

Janet Dillon

Janet DillonJanet is seeking re-election to a fourth term on Saline City Council. She was first elected in 2014 and re-elected as the top vote-getter in both 2016 and 2018.

Janet has remained a strong advocate for sound policy decision-making and
strategic planning using a pro-active, evidence based approach. She continues
to focus her attention on issues involving effective management of financial resources, maintained infrastructure, and those issues directly affecting residents including attainable housing and impartial treatment for all.

Janet stands by her record and representation of Saline residents and looks
forward to the opportunity to continue serving her community.


Saline School Board

Brad Gerbe

As a proud teacher, Education Association member, and Saline parent, I am humbled by the opportunity to partner with the Democratic Party of Washtenaw County. I am named after a man, my grandfather, who was a UAW leader, a Local President, and International Representative hired directly by Walter Reuther.

I take great pride in this endorsement. I am cognizant however that the schools belong to the entire community of Saline. Our schools are top-notch. The Saline staff is exemplary. We are blessed with incredible parents who are engaged and who prioritize their children’s education. As a Board member, I want to be a part of building strong relationships with and supporting Saline students. Please visit www.VoteGerbe.com and partner with me.

Aramide Boatswain (write-in)

Aramide BlackI have chosen to run for the Saline Area Schools Board of Education because I am passionate about the district excelling in all areas that contribute to the development of the whole child. Our Saline Area Schools Compass advocates a focus on Clear Communication, Intentional Collaboration across stakeholders, Creativity in addressing the changing needs of our students, and Critical Thinking in making the best choices for the benefit of all children. Excellence in Saline Area Schools has the following tenets at the center:

  • ALL students – regardless of race, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, socio-economic class, and ability – feel welcome and safe to be their authentic selves
  • Support Staff in recognizing the unique strengths of the students in their buildings and create continuous opportunities for ALL students to evolve to their highest potential
  • Families living within the boundaries of Saline Area Schools expect and believe they are receiving a high-quality education for their tax dollars

I am committed to ensuring that as a community we support a positive experience for the children. The experience must truly meet the needs of our district, and take into account the challenges we face socially, economically, and most importantly as a community in delivering and achieving excellence in Saline Schools.

Jennifer Miller

Jenny MillerJennifer Miller has lived in the Saline School District for 16 years. She and her husband, Wes, have three children who have attended Saline Schools since kindergarten and all three will be students at Saline High School this fall. Jenny enjoys attending events to support Saline Schools such as the Foundation for Saline Area Schools annual Snowblast and a variety of sporting events. 

Jenny has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s degree in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College. She taught elementary students in Saline for 18 wonderful years before transitioning to a Literacy Specialist role with Ann Arbor Public Schools two years ago. She is a member of the Michigan Education Association and served on the governing board of the Saline Education Association. Even after her move to AAPS, her commitment to Saline Schools remains strong. She most recently served on Saline’s Strategic Framework Review Committee to revise the guiding principles of curriculum and pedagogy. 

If elected, Jenny’s priorities would include the following:

  • To ensure safety in schools, especially as in the face of challenges around Covid-19.
  • To support the pursuit of academic excellence for all students. 
  • To advance diversity, equity, and inclusivity practices throughout the district. 
  • To advocate for public education and stronger funding at the state and federal levels. 

Jenny has a passion for public education. Her extensive experience and expertise of curriculum, pedagogy, and best practices will bring value to the Board’s decision-making around teaching and learning in Saline.