Local Elections 2020

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Scio Twp

Supervisor – Will Hathaway 

Will HathawayI was born and raised in Ann Arbor. In 1996 I moved to Scio Township, where I live with my wife, Paula, and two college age daughters. I earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University, a masters in Urban & Environmental Policy from Tufts University, and my undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan.

My career includes administrative positions in government, public education and non-profit organizations. I serve on numerous Scio Township committees and commissions including the Planning Commission (2011-Present), as well as the Parks Advisory Board, Transportation Alternatives Planning Committee, and the Master Plan Steering Committee. I work to improve access to nature preserves, create public parks and a system of pathways so that people can safely move around the Township without using a car. I am committed to recruiting diverse appointees for Scio Township boards and commissions. 



Clerk – Jessica Flintoft

Jessica FlintoftI was appointed Township Clerk in June 2019. As Clerk, I worked to facilitate public access to records and serve as Chairperson of the recently established Budget and Finance Committee. For 20 years I have worked for and with local governments – including as a direct report to San Francisco’s elected Public Defender and then its Chief Adult Probation Officer. 

Scio should end its use of the ‘manager model’ of local governance which is a poor fit for a general law township… If elected, I would undertake an organizational transformation of Board and staff that would better 1) keep respective responsibilities assigned by statute with the elected supervisor, treasurer, clerk, and trustees; 2) reduce the degree to which the Township has privatized its planning, zoning, and engineering services; and 3) improve the efficiency and performance of Township operations.

As Township Clerk, I encouraged all Scio voters to vote by absentee ballot and to apply to become an election inspector. I implemented training and outreach to ensure that Scio voters know how to vote either at the polls or by absentee ballot. If elected, I would advocate to the Secretary of State to permit voters to submit a single application to request absentee ballots for all elections that year. I believe our national reckoning with anti-Black racism should include extending the right to vote to citizens serving time behind bars during an election.

Treasurer – Donna E. Palmer

Donna PalmerI will continue to execute programs developed to automate the township’s financial records to increase transparency and improve how taxpayer’s money is used successfully. I never cease to take my investment responsibility seriously, always working with advisors that know the law for public monies. I will be part of maintaining the development of Scio Township: preserving the commercial corridor and supporting residential neighborhoods that are pleasant places to live.

Having raised three generations in Scio over the past sixty years, I am a supportive grandparent and former supportive parent in the Dexter Community School system. Besides being very active in my own family, I am also an operative member of the Scio Township Community. I have been a member of the Dexter District Library Board since the mid-nineties, serving as a member of the Finance Committee, and I serve as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. In the past, I worked as a dedicated election worker, Precinct Chairperson, and Village Clerk. 

As a member of the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association, I continually work to advance my education. I proudly participate in the team guiding the development of Scio Township, establishing the commercial corridor, and supporting residential neighborhoods. I pushed for and was part of the team that implemented the computerization of the Township’s financial records.

Scio Twp Trustee

Jackie Courteau

Jackie CourteauI moved to Scio Township in 2009 with spouse Paul and kids Richard and Julia, drawn by the natural beauty and open pastoral landscape that felt rural while still being convenient to Ann Arbor and Dexter. I did my undergraduate studies at Harvard/Radcliffe, completed an M.A. at Johns Hopkins University, then worked in Washington, DC as a science and environmental policy analyst for six years. I came to the Ann Arbor area in 1993 to study at the University of Michigan, where she received an M.S. in biology and a Ph.D. in ecology.

I started my own research and consulting business in 2016, and have worked for clients including the Huron River Watershed Council, the Washtenaw County Parks, the Michigan DNR Forest Stewardship Program, and the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens/Nichols Arboretum, where I am currently a visiting scientist. I have served on advisory committees and boards for organizations including the Center for the Education of Women, the Huron-Clinton Metroparks, the Ann Arbor Coop Nursery, and the Stewardship Network, and was board president for the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre. I joined the Scio Land Preservation Commission in 2019.


Alec Jerome

Alec JeromeAs a resident of Scio Township for over 20 years and growing up in Washtenaw County, I have an intimate knowledge of the area. I currently serve on three commissions and have been active on multiple boards and commissions over the past 15 years.

My goal as Trustee would be continuing initiatives which focus on improvement and delivery of essential services, while ensuring transparency and opportunity for public input. As a Scio representative, I would work on creating new opportunities, while fostering a climate of cooperation, balancing needs of citizens and local businesses. 

The Township must lead in protecting our natural environment and rural landscape. To connect these critical and defining assets, I believe in continuing the cooperative efforts of the Land Preservation Commission, Parks Advisory Board, and Transportation Alternative Planning Team. The Township is at a crossroads of prudent development and preservation of natural features and rural character. A progressive approach toward environmental sustainability is essential.

Kathleen Knol

Kathleen KnolI currently serve as a Scio Township Trustee. I am a retired attorney who previously served as Scio Township Clerk. I was also a member of several boards and commissions including Scio Land Preservation Commission, Huron River Watershed Council, Washtenaw County Planning Advisory Board, Citizens for Oil Free Backyards, and Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels. I am a graduate of the University of Michigan and University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. 

I am commiting to:

  • – Resolve the spreading Gelman dioxane contamination 
  • – Protect the Huron River, an important source of drinking water for Scio Township and Ann Arbor 
  • – Support ongoing land preservation efforts 
  • – Encourage transparency and citizen involvement in local government 
  • – Preserve the high quality of life enjoyed by Scio Twp residents 
  • – Listen to Scio Twp resident concerns

Jane E. Vogel

Jane VogelI have lived in Scio Township since 1998 with my husband Mark and two daughters. I retired from a long Ford career most recently as Powertrain Systems Planning Manager and has worked with executives in the U.S. and Europe to optimize the global Product Development and Planning process. Since retirement from Ford, I have been engaged in climate/clean energy related action in Ann Arbor and at UM as well as faith-based initiatives. I received her MBA from University of Southern California and a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan. 

I have been deeply involved in the Township as a Commissioner on the Land Preservation Commission (LPC), Chair of the Transportation Alternative Planning (TAP) and member of the Scio Master Planning committee charged with the 2020 update. I have worked closely with other leaders to move Parks and Pathways forward with the 1st priority to complete the Zeeb Road pathway to Huron River Drive. Through these experiences I have developed a unique understanding of how residents, volunteer leaders and the Township leadership can work together. I bring strong professional skills, a collaborative management style and a keen sense of fiscal responsibility and strong leadership skills to my work in the township.

Superior Twp

Supervisor – Ken Schwartz

Ken SchwartzI am a United States Air Force veteran who has served in several elected or appointed positions and is currently the Superior Township Supervisor. I was appointed Supervisor in 2013, elected in 2014 and reelected in 2016. In keeping with his concern for veteran’s health and welfare, I am a founding member of the Washtenaw County Veterans Affairs Commission, being elected chairman in 2012. I have also practiced law in Ypsilanti for 30 years. 

My main concern is to meet the ongoing demands of township government in collaboration with the Superior Township Board of Trustees. My vision is to provide a framework moving forward in Superior Township by encouraging and managing selected land for development and growth, while keeping money in the bank, the debt reasonable and preserving the financial assets for the long run. I know that providing excellent township services like safe drinking water, good roads, responsive fire and police services and eliminating blight will increase the value of every home so that Superior residents can confidently invest in their own homes and neighborhoods. As Superior Township Supervisor I will do his utmost to protect every asset, public and private.


Clerk – Lynette Findley

Lynette FindleyI was elected to serve as Clerk of Superior Township in 2016. I am ethical, loyal, dedicated and honest. These qualities will be demonstrated in the commitment of time spent carrying out all of the statutory duties and others duties in order to meet the needs of this community. I believe that it is a privilege to serve in a Township that represents one of the strongest diverse populations in the state of Michigan.

I have been a resident of Superior Township for 28 years. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling, both from the University of Michigan. I received myPh.D. from Michigan State University in Higher Education Administration with strong emphasis in Counseling Psychology. I have worked in higher education administration for 41 years. I retired from Eastern Michigan University after serving 29 years in various administrative roles.

I have served on several local and state boards, including Ypsilanti Area Community Fund (YACF), the scholarship committee for the Ann Arbor Area Community Fund (AAACF), the United Way, Power of the Purse (POP) committee, the Saint Joseph Hospital Annual Holiday Ball steering committee, and the MI-American Council on Education (ACE) as State Chair. I enjoy meeting and talking with people of all backgrounds, believe in an open door policy, and am available to meet the needs of the residents. I believe in customer service and being consistent in the work environment and in the community. In order for the Township to have continued growth and success, it is important for all Township elected officials to work collaboratively… We as a Board, are very committed to keeping the Township Superior!

Treasurer – Brenda L. McKinney

Brenda McKinneyMy statutory duties are to handle public money with the highest degree of integrity and accountability and to manage all Township funds and investments. I am also responsible for governing the administration of real and personal property tax collection and disbursing Township monies and other revenues. These include Federal and State aid payments, fees for licenses and permits, special assessments, manufactured dwelling taxes and many others.

I retired from the Washtenaw County Treasurer’s Office in April of 1996. My fifteen years of experience at the County level provided me with a wealth of experience and knowledge to serve as Treasurer of my Township. In August of 1996, I successfully ran for the office of Treasurer of Superior Township. I was re-elected in November 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 I have now served our community for 36 years.

Since in office, I have implemented new technologies and changes such as computerized tax collection and cash management procedures. These changes have improved the speed, efficiency and quality of service the Treasurer’s Office is able to provide for the citizens of Superior Township. I also developed the Township’s first comprehensive Investment Policy to ensure safe investments with the highest rate of return. I am active in the community, and I serve on many humanitarian boards, and am always happy to attend neighborhood, community, and civic gatherings and functions to discuss issues of interest to the citizens.

Superior Twp Trustee

Nancy Caviston

Nancy CavistonAs a 30-year Superior Township resident who is serving my sixth 4-year term as a Trustee on the Superior Township Board of Trustees, I can say it has been a great pleasure to be here. The challenges facing us as a Michigan Township in terms of growth and density are considerable. Approaching these challenges with the experience and know-how learned over the last 35 years of owning a medium-sized business in Michigan is what I offer at Board meetings and in communications with other residents. I’m proud to have been elected and to be of service. Our Township is Superior.




Lisa Lewis

Lisa LewisI am currently a Trustee in Superior Township. Professionally, I am a 30(+) year public school employee. I am passionate about advocating for justice, youth, the elderly, and those in need of assistance and support. All of my schooling has been in Washtenaw County; grade school, high school and both of the big universities. I am also a proud member of the oldest Black Greek Letter Organization, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

I come from a family of lifelong Democratic voters. I believe in being transparent, accessible, and equitable. I have been described as compassionate, a good listener, one who operates with integrity, and professionalism. I volunteer for The Dispute Resolution Center, Victim Services Unit, Crisis Incident Stress Management and Traumatic Events Network and during COVID-19, for Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels, all of Washtenaw County. I believe in doing what’s right, because it’s the right thing to do. My goal as a trustee is to ensure that Superior Township remains superior, fiscally sound and that services in the township are attainable for all township residents.

Bernice Lindke

Bernice LindkeI worked 17 years for Washtenaw County Government and 21 years at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). What I learned from my experience at Washtenaw County Government is that I had a passion for working with people and for making sure that services were provided to those who had the highest need for them. I held management and executive leadership positions while at EMU. My experience there gave me many opportunities to ensure that students were provided access to college and that they were supported throughout their education.

During my two careers I managed significant budgets, analyzed data to inform strategic decisions, and led multiple departments and staff. My education (BBA/accounting concentration and MPA) and professional experience would help me to serve as a trustee for Superior Township.

I have two main goals: Ensure the adoption of a budget that is sound, fair, equitable and transparent; one that distributes funds for programs and services to all areas of the township; and, Adopt ordinances that promote and protect the township resident’s health, safety and well-being.   Email: blindke@outlook.com

Rhonda P. McGill

Rhonda McGillI am seeking support from the residents of my community as I run for a Trustee position on the Superior Township Board of Trustees. I have been a Superior Twp. resident since 2003 and love the people, the open spaces, and the small town feel. We have been blessed with amazing leadership that has allowed our township to thrive in some of the most difficult times.

I have had an opportunity to support the community in various capacities throughout my time including as a member of the Board of Review and as a member of the Local Development Finance Authority. I am ready to take my leadership to the next level and serve the residents as an elected member of the Board of Trustees. I pledge that I will Work for You! To keep Superior the amazing community we all love!



Superior Twp Park Commission

Martha Kern BoprieI currently serve as the Secretary for the Superior Township Parks and Recreation Commission. I served for 12 years as Township Treasurer and 10 years as a Washtenaw County Commissioner. I have served on multiple public commissions including the County Planning Commission, Historic District Commission, EMS Commission, Washtenaw Area Transportation Study, SEMCOG, and several nonprofit boards including P.O.W.E.R., Inc., Northfield Human Services, Friends of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse and her church council. 

I have been employed as an accountant with the University of Michigan Medical School since 1998. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Oakland University and a Master of Public Administration degree from Eastern Michigan University.



Terry Lee Lansing

Terry Lee Lansing currently serves as a Superior Township Park Commissioner. 

Marion E. Morris

I currently serve as Vice Chair of the Superior Township Park Commission. I and my husband, Peter, have lived in Superior Township since 1969. I am from Atlanta in northern Michigan, and Peter is from Allen Park. We have 3 married children, 6 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. My career was in the medical field; his in the auto industry for Ford Motor Company.

Nahid Sanii-Yahyai

Nahid Sanii-Yahyai serves as Vice Chair of the Superior Township Park Commission.

Gregory K. Vessels

No information provided

Sylvan Twp

Clerk – Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen KennedyI have been serving as Sylvan Township Clerk since being appointed to the position in 2014. Growing up in Saginaw, Michigan, I graduated from Arthur Hill High School and then attended Central Michigan University where I earned my Bachelors Science degree, majoring in Political Science.

I moved to Sylvan Township from Ypsilanti, Michigan with my husband, Chris Basar, in 2004. We have four children, three of which are currently in the Chelsea School District, our eldest just graduated from Chelsea High School in 2020.

I have been active in the community since we moved here, serving on the Chelsea Children’s Co-op Preschool Board and as a co-leader in the Chelsea Go Getter 4H Club. In 2019, I was able to be a partner in a new local business, Agricole Farm Stop, which connects local farmers and artisans to the community.

I am honored to serve the people of Sylvan Township. I look forward to finding progressive and inclusive solutions to the problems that face our Township, including making sure that our Boards and Commissions are diverse and representative of all of our residents. My greatest pleasure in the job is administering elections and assisting residents in making their vote count. 

Treasurer – Cyndi Jabara

No info provided

Sylvan Twp Trustee

Sandra E. Schulze

Sandra SchultzeOver the years, I have learned the culture and character of this area from many different perspectives. A long-time resident of Sylvan Township, I served for 2 years on the Water and Sewer Board and am currently an alternate for the ZBA. I have seen how we work from the inside, and appreciate the current predicaments resulting from past administrative decisions. For several years I lived in the City of Ypsilanti, where I served on several boards and commissions and was elected to City Council. I understand how other adjacent municipalities manage challenges very similar to our own. I also became a Certified Economic Development Practitioner, and attended the Citizen’s Police Academy.

I am willing to commit my own time to dive deeply into issues in order to understand how things work, and share that knowledge to help make things work better. As a parent and grandparent of Chelsea High School graduates, I have seen through the eyes of future generations what is important to them, what aspects of this community they wouldn’t change for the world…and which ones that we might be able to improve. Fortunately, this is not a passive process, we get to choose what we want our future to look like, and decide what path we take to get there.

I care deeply about the past of Sylvan Township and the unique character of the community. I am also legitimately concerned about the ability of Sylvan Township to fund projects necessary to maintaining that character and culture without depending solely on increasing residential property taxes. I believe that sustainable growth and fiscal prudence are not mutually exclusive. I believe my experiences can help Sylvan Township move forward in a positive way to increase needed revenue without making it unaffordable for current and future residents to live here. I am eager to serve this community and help us keep the best of what we are as we move towards an even better future.

Amanda Nimke Ballard

Amanda BallardAmanda Nimke Ballard cares deeply about the residents and land of Sylvan Township. She is working with representatives to bring reliable high-speed internet to every home, and will support pro-active policies that protect communities, preserve the township’s rural character, and focuses higher density growth in the undersutilized sewer and water district.

Being born and raised on a farm in Sylvan Township, Amanda has a passion for land preservation and building strong communities. Amanda has been actively engaged with township government, and as a board trustee she will approach any policy and planning decision based on broad public input and ensuring existing communities will be preserved.


Webster Twp

Clerk – Barbara Calleja

No info provided

Webster Twp Trustee

Dan Munzel

No info provided

Shelly Vrsek

Shelly VrsekRoads – I used to live off of Jennings Road, which is unpaved, used by many, causing damage to houses and can be dangerous. It is a true example of why some roads in Webster Twp. need to be paved or sustainably maintained. I am willing to do the work to leverage funds from federal, state and local government to help fund sustainable upgrades for some of the roads in the Twp. Dirt roads are part of the charm of our rural community and it is not financially responsible to pave all of them. 

High Speed Internet – All residents should have access to cable internet. Many in Webster Twp. still do not have access, and those that have access have only one choice. I will work to leverage funding from federal, state and local government, including the Washtenaw County Broadband Task Force to build infrastructure and improve access for residents.

Agri-Tourism – Nearly every resident wants Webster Twp to stay rural and underdeveloped. They want farms to prosper. And they don’t want to pay more taxes. We have to figure out a way to broaden our tax base to remain viable as a Twp. We can do that by building sub-divisions, or by developing businesses that are successful in the community as it is. Agri-business/agri-tourism is more than just wedding barns. I can only imagine that it might be less than fabulous to live next to a wedding barn. But, at the same time, my family and I love Nixon Farms.The kids have school events there through the fall. I would LOVE to live next to a CSA, or a pick-your-own lavender or blueberry farm. I support agri-business. I think that I may support a wedding barn too, if the location was right and the neighbors (or lack of neighbors) supported it. Surely there are locations in Webster Twp. where a wedding barn would not be disruptive. I would objectively review the proposal and hear from the community before making a decision. Development of agri-business must involve transparency, community input and collaboration, but will allow many to keep their land or farms.

Property Assessments – There have been many questions about the consistency and fairness property assessments. I am not an expert. But, I will commit to learning, investigating complaints and transparency in rules and regulations so we all understand. 

Farmland and Open Space Preservation – I wholeheartedly support the Farmland and Open Space Preservation Board and hope I have an opportunity to work on the Board. If not, I will provide any other support I can to leverage funds for land preservation.

Ypsilanti City

Ward 1 – Lois Allen Richardson

Lois Allen RichardsonLois Allen Richardson has served as Mayor of Ypsilanti since June 2020, following the resignation of the former Mayor. She is the first Black woman to serve as mayor of Ypsilanti. She has served on the Ypsilanti City Council for 20 years, with 12 years as Mayor Pro-Tem. She is President of the Michigan Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (MBC-LEO), has held several leadership positions with the Michigan Municipal League, and is involved in local civic organizations. Lois attended Ypsilanti public schools and Eastern Michigan University. 

“I’m committed to Ypsilanti. I want to see Ypsilanti flourish and I want to do whatever I can to help us flourish. For me, the word ‘great’ has been tainted. I want Ypsilanti to be grand – I want us to go beyond great. We have the potential; we have a university here. I want to see the university and the city really come together, really work together. A president in the past at Eastern had a philosophy that was ‘so goes the city, so go the university.’ I want to see Ypsilanti Community Schools excel because that will also help the city. It’s all of us coming together and all of us being able to say, ‘I love Ypsilanti. It’s my home and I want to see it be all that it can be.”


Ward 2 – Steven Wilcoxen

Steven Wilcoxen

Steven Wilcoxen currently represents Ward 2 on the Ypsilanti City Council.





Ward 3 – Annie Somerville

Annie SomervilleAnnie Somerville currently represents Ward 3 on the Ypsilanti City Council. She was appointed to the council in 2019. Annie is a legislative aide to State Senator Jeff Irwin, and a graduate of Eastern Michigan University.

She stated in her application to serve on the council: “I have watched the decision-making process within the walls of city hall and often hoped that students, renters, service industry laborers, and young professionals could have been a part of those conversations so that the plans we make for the future of our city are inclusive, equitable, and represent the best interest of all citizens.”

Annie highlighted priorities include improving parks across the city, building a better relationship with the university, making sure Ypsilanti is a place recent graduates choose to stay, and improving parking for residents and workers in Ward 3. She envisions creating an Ypsilanti Promise partnership between YCS, EMU, and WCC, modeled after the Kalamazoo Promise, to provide greater opportunity for the next generation.


Ypsilanti Community School Board

Maria Goodrich

Maria GoodrichI am an educator, parent, student, scientist, and ardent advocate for public schools, and I am running for a seat on the Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education.

Our schools are communities, not commodities. We all have the opportunity and the responsibility to support equity and excellence for every child in our district. I have been immersed in this effort on multiple fronts and I am excited to do even more as a member of the Board of Education.

Education is not a zero sum game, and when our community comes together as a team to break down barriers for those most at risk, we can improve outcomes for everyone. I would love to hear from you and listen to your questions, concerns, hopes, and dreams for our district!


Yvonne Fields

Yvonne FieldsI am running because I have a love for kids and love helping and volunteering in the community. I believe that my background, experience and knowledge when it comes to technology, on-line curriculum, and data analysis make me a good match for YCS school board. I understand with the recent pandemic the nation is going through and the social distancing we will have a new norm when it comes to education.

I have been on both sides when it comes to being a student as well as a substitute teacher in the classroom and being able to see first-hand what it is like to be in the classrooms every day.  I want OUR children in the Ypsilanti community to have the same opportunities as students in other school districts.

The implementation of new technology, new way of learning, and the new way of teaching (on-line) has been around for a while, we must grasp it and perfect it.  Yes, it will be a challenge for some students, and as a school district we should research all options and resources to make this journey a successful one.

I received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees as an on-line student.  I know what it takes as a student to be engaged in a different learning platform than what is known as the “norm”. Having this experience and knowledge would make me an asset to the Ypsilanti School Board.

Ypsilanti District Library Board

Kay Williams

Kay Williams currently serves as a trustee on the Ypsilanti District Library Board

Omer Jean Winborn

Omer Jean Winborn

Omer Jean Winborn currently serves as the President of the Ypsilanti District Library Board





Ypsilanti Township

Supervisor – Brenda Stumbo

Brenda StumboBrenda Stumbo has served as Ypsilanti Township Supervisor since 2008. She previously served as Township Clerk and as a Trustee. She is a graduate of Lincoln Consolidated Schools and Central Michigan University. Brenda’s commitment to the residents of Ypsilanti Township is unwavering. Next to being a mother, being a public servant is her greatest honor and she strives to always place residents first. This is a philosophy she brought to the Township and feels that residents and businesses are our customers. Her door is always open to anyone; whether it is someone with a concern or just someone stopping by to say hello!

In addition to public safety, she lists neighborhood stabilization and economic development as priorities. She notes that the Township Board, staff, attorneys, and professional services have worked diligently to stabilize neighborhoods and keep the community clean and free of blighted structures. Brenda also serves on the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA) Board, and Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS). She is a graduate of Lincoln Consolidated Schools and Central Michigan University. 


Clerk – Heather Jarrell Roe

Heather Jarrell Roe[Note: WCDP condemned Roe’s actions leading up to the Primary: https://www.washtenawdems.org/resolution-condemning-the-actions-of-ypsilanti-township-clerk-karen-lovejoy-roe-and-trustee-heather-jarrell-roe-in-the-2020-democratic-primary/ ]

Heather Jarrell Roe has served as an Ypsilanti Township Trustee since 2016. She is a lifelong Ypsilanti Township resident, and a graduate of Ypsilanti Public Schools and Washtenaw Community College nursing school. She received a bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing from Siena Heights University in Adrian. Heather is currently employed as a registered nurse in Ann Arbor. She works on a Labor and Delivery unit where she is able to advocate for, educate, and encourage families. She previously served as the Vice Chair for the University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council and is still an active participant in her union. All of these roles share the common theme of advocacy. Heather states, “I am grateful that all of the roles I serve in allow me to advocate for the needs and wellbeing of others.” Heather has an “open door” policy and is always happy to address any concerns via phone or email.


Treasurer – Stan Eldridge

Stan EldridgeStan Eldridge has served as an Ypsilanti Township Trustee since 2004 and has lived in the Township for more than 50 years. Stan believes forthright discussion, open decision making processes, and listening to all points of view are the cornerstones to good government.

Stan has introduced several proposals that have led to improvements in efficiency, accountability, responsibility and cost control, and has been a proponent of working with other municipalities and entities to improve services. He has served on the Township Planning Commission, the Economic Development Corporation, the Liquor Control Board, the Election Board, the East Michigan Avenue/Ecorse Road Task Force, and the Wireless Washtenaw group; chaired the Township Police Services Committee; served as the Township representative on the Fire Services Collaboration Review Group; and been a member of the Police and Fire Pension Board, the Township Zoning Board of Appeals, the Ypsilanti-Willow Run NAACP, and unions including P.O.A.M., F.O.P., and M.A.P.

Stan is a graduate of the Ypsilanti Public Schools, Washtenaw Community College, Concordia University, and Eastern Michigan University. He retired from a rewarding career in law enforcement. Stan truly enjoys serving the community and working with his fellow elected officials as they have similar passion for and commitment to the community, its residents, and taxpayers.


Ypsilanti Twp Trustee

John P. Newman II

John NewmanJohn has been in public service for more than 25 years. His goal is to utilize his budgeting experience and accounting knowledge to strengthen financial stability in Ypsilanti Township.

John wants to be an advocate for the voiceless by providing a solution to their problems. His focus areas are:

  • -Local Business Growth: Small businesses have suffered during COVID-19, and John would like to advocate for small business owners and support local business development.
  • -Community Relations: John calls the Township a hidden jewel, and wants to preserve it while making it the best it can be for all, not a selected few. As a Deacon in the Second Baptist Church and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, he is active in community service with organizations including the Delonis Center, Partridge Center, Meals on Wheels, and PBJ Outreach.
  • -Financial Stewardship: The dyamics of financial government have changed due to COVID-19, and we must be able to pivot to solve unexpected issues.

John is employed with Washtenaw County as Finance Accountant and is responsible for the Child Care fund, the statistical section of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards, and grant reports. John worked for Wayne County as a Budget Analyst and Department Manager, and for the Internal Revenue Service. 

Gloria C. Peterson

Gloria PetersonI have been very active in my community for many years, and a precinct delegate for over 30 years. I am presently serving on the Ypsilanti Township Park Commission, Ypsilanti Township Planning Commission, Board member of the Ypsilanti Community Utility Authority and an alternate member of the Ypsilanti Township Board of Review.

As the primary elected Township Trustee, I will continue to help my community by working with Township Supervisor and board members on the roads, maintain the parks, economic development, fair housing, and to continue to have clean water in the township, also use the resources from the township department head, elected legislators in the district, and the Police and Fire Department, to continue to make the township a great place to live for our residents.

The community is the greatest asset in the township, great leadership, great schools for our children, economic development, and a safe environment. We can help this community thrive by working together.


Debbie Swanson

Debbie Swanson currently serves as an Ypsilanti Township Park Commissioner.

Jimmie Wilson Jr.

Jimmy WilsonJimmie Wilson, Jr. has served as an Ypsilanti Township Trustee since 2016. He was born and raised in Ypsilanti Township and graduated from Belleville High School. He graduated from the Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology with his Airframe License and he went on to work for Siemens Energy, building Wind Turbines throughout the country. He returned in 2012 to work for Ford Motor Company at the Rawsonville Plant. He is a Trustee on the Executive Board for UAW Local 898, and he serves on the Township Zoning Board of Appeals and Washtenaw County Huron River Watershed Council. 

Jimmie is a member of The Ypsilanti/Willow Run Branch of the NAACP, St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 7 Free and Accepted Masons, and the Youth Outreach Program within his church. He is a Deacon in The Spiritual Israel Church and Its Army in Ypsilanti Township, where he chairs the Deacon’s board and is a church Trustee. Jimmie and his family volunteer their time with the Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, and Food Gatherers.

Jimmie has been very humbled, yet excited, to serve his community. His vision is for local youth to have a safe place to grow up, to have positive things to do in the community, and to one day raise their own children in the Township.

Ypsilanti Twp Park Commission

Brad Hine

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Tajalli Hodge

Tajalli HodgeMy experience as a resident in the township, and a leader in my neighborhood, has led me to realize that some of our parks and green spaces are under-developed and under-utilized, particularly parks that are in the heart of neighborhoods. Last summer, I worked with some of our community partners to hold a large event at Sugarbrook Park which we dubbed the Sugarbrook Summer Bash. It drew nearly 250 people from our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods and we had live music, bounce houses, children’s books, food, ice cream, Narcan education, and neighborhood t-shirts to give away. The event was a hit!

I knew then that I wanted to continue seeing our parks utilized so they can become a hub for the community to gather and congregate. We’ve seen our parks – especially on our side of the township – stigmatized by shootings, crime, and drug use. That shadow hangs around long after those events happen and it takes a long time to sweep it away. It’s time to invest more into our neighborhood parks. Actually, it’s beyond time. Investing in our parks is investing in our people and I want to be a part of that.


Darrell Kirby

Darrell KirbyI am a Father, Grandfather, Businessman, Professional, Volunteer and Friend. I have a passion for giving back and helping the community. Professionally; I am an Adjunct Professor and Information Technology Manager Full time. I am also an active Member of the CMU Charter Schools, Local Emergency Planning Commissioner for Washtenaw County and a precinct delegate. Prior to relocating to Ypsilanti I was a Planning Commissioner for 5 years for the City of Southfield. I have a Masters in Information Systems and currently pursuing an Ed.D in Educational Leadership. I am running for the Parks Commission.

As a regular user of the parks system I wish to keep it great and make it better.



Jeff Neel

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Brad O’Conner

Brad OConner

As Ypsilanti Township Parks Commissioner, Brad O’Conner will focus on building up and maintaining our beautiful community parks and making them more accessible to all residents, regardless of where they live in the township.





Star Smith

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David L. Streeter

David L. Streeter currently serves as Chair of the Ypsilanti Township Park Commission.