The Voter Guide

Coming 9-25-2020

The Washtenaw County Voter Guide is coming soon. Until then, here are our recommendations for voting this year:

1. Vote absentee. Voting absentee does NOT mean mailing your ballot – it means giving yourself the widest possible range of choices in how and when to vote: by mail, in person at your clerk’s office, by drop box, or at your polling place. Learn more here and download or complete your application for an absentee ballot at or at your local clerk’s office.

2. Vote early. You can vote anytime between September 25 and November 3. The earlier you vote, the easier you make the jobs of election and postal service workers. Directions for voting early are here, and directions for making sure your absentee vote counts are here.

Voting absentee is perfectly safe. You’ll find excellent, bipartisan information about voting absentee here, and excellent guidance for making sure your absentee vote counts here.

Help fund the voter guide.
Our printed voter guides are a major part of our get-out-the-vote efforts, and thanks to the generosity of Democrats like you, we’ve reached our fundraising goal. If you’d like to continue to support our effort, you may continue to contribute here: