After voting “no,” on the USPS Fairness Act and Delivering For America Act, Walberg refuses to acknowledge the severity of the consequences for constituents. Opponent Gretchen Driskell continues to support USPS efforts, emphasizing the importance of USPS reliability for the safety of citizens and democracy.

SALINE – Former Democratic State Rep. Gretchen Driskell, candidate for Congress in the 7th District, has come out against her opponent, Republican incumbent Tim Walberg, stating the necessity of continuing to support the USPS as a means to ensure the health and safety of constituents.

Earlier this year, Walberg voted against the USPS Fairness Act, and voted no on the Delivering For America Act just last weekend, further endangering the Postal Service and ability to serve Americans. This is a threat to the health and safety of constituents, as well as to our democracy. Despite releasing a statement claiming the importance of the Postal Service and what it provides, particularly in rural areas alike where many of his constituents live, he negated the necessity of greater funding for the federal agency.

In a post on Facebook published on August 22nd, Walberg stated that the USPS has “enough cash on hand to cover operations […], well beyond the election,” as well as that there are far fewer registered voters than the average number of pieces of mail circulated daily. This oversight regarding the stability of the Postal Service is not the first time Walberg has failed to support the safety of constituents with regards to voting. On May 8th of this year, Walberg stated, “If you cannot get to the polls, you shouldn’t be voting.” This, in conjunction with the rejection of both the USPS Fairness Act and Delivering For Act, is clearly his doubling down against accessibility for voters, and poses a further threat to our democratic institutions.

Opponent Driskell dismisses Walberg’s stance as “inconsiderate,” and “dangerous,” as we near the election. “Walberg’s dismissal of both pieces of legislation points to his lack of empathy and the disconnect between himself and the district,” Driskell stated. “He fails to recognize the dangers this decision poses for safe voting practices in a pandemic, as well as for constituents who rely on medication deliveries in our largely rural district.” Driskell, unlike the incumbent, supports bolstering Postal Service funds as we near the election and beyond, as she states, “the safety of our constituents and our democracy should not be up for debate.”

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