The Washtenaw County Democratic Party held its endorsement meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, August 11th at 6:30 p.m. to endorse candidates for the November 2020 General Election. Here are the results:

Candidate Race
Debbie Dingell 12th Congressional District
Erane Washington 14B District Court
Donna Lasinski 52nd State House District
Yousef Rabhi 53rd State House District
Ronnie Peterson 54th State House District
Felicia Brabec 55th State House District
Gretchen Driskell 7th Congressional District
Lisa Disch Ann Arbor City Council – 1st Ward
Linh Song Ann Arbor City Council – 2nd Ward
Travis Radina Ann Arbor City Council – 3rd Ward
Jen Eyer Ann Arbor City Council – 4th Ward
Erica Briggs Ann Arbor City Council – 5th Ward
Jeff Gaynor Ann Arbor Public School Board
Ernesto Querijero Ann Arbor Public School Board
Krystle DuPree Ann Arbor Public School Board
Rena Basch Ann Arbor Township Clerk
Nick Roumel County Circuit Court Judge
Larry Kestenbaum County Clerk
Jason Maciejewski County Commission  – 1st District
Sue Shink County Commission –  2nd District
Shannon Beeman County Commission –  3rd District
Caroline Sanders County Commission –  4th District
Justin Hodge County Commission –  5th District
Ricky Jefferson County Commission –  6th District
Andy LaBarre County Commission –  7th District
Jason Morgan County Commission –  8th District
Katie Scott County Commission –  9th District
Eli Savit County Prosecutor
Jerry Clayton County Sheriff
Evan Pratt County Water Resources Commissioner
Cole Miller Dexter City Council (non-partisan)
Michelle Stamboulellis Dexter Township Clerk
Diane Ratkovich Dexter Township Supervisor.
Karen Sikkenga Dexter Township Trustee
Christen Mitchell Mayor of Saline
Dean Girbach Saline City Council (non-partisan)
Dawn Krause Saline City Council (non-partisan)
Bridget Mary McCormack State Supreme Court
Elizabeth Welch State Supreme Court
Brenda L. Mckinney Superior Township Treasurer
Gary Peters U.S. Senate
Eva Garza Dewaelsche Wayne State Univ. Board of Govs.
Sandra Hughes O’Brien Wayne State Univ. Board of Govs.
Maria Goodrich Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Ed.
Yvonne Fields Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Ed.
Gloria Peterson Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees
Jimmie Wilson, Jr. Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees
Tajalli Hodge Ypsilanti Township Park Commissioner
Brad O’Conner Ypsilanti Township Park Commissioner