The Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus was founded by, the late Senator David Holmes of Detroit with the mission of supporting and promoting African Americans for political office, promoting pro-African American policies, addressing the political concerns of the African American community, and educating African Americans about political issues.

The WCDP Black Caucus will develop a strong infrastructure at the local level. This will allow us to focus our efforts on increasing the number of African American Candidates, generating community empowerment, and forming political policies to improve education, public transportation, health care resources, and crime prevention in our communities. We will work diligently to enhance community and individual participation in the political process, increase cultural and economic opportunities, strengthening our families, bettering our neighborhoods, and improving the lives of our children.

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Caroline Sanders – Chair
Chris Watson – Vice Chair
M. Jeanice Townsend – Secretary
Robert Burton-Harris – Treasurer

Mailing Address:
WCDP Black Caucus
108 S. Adams St.
P.O. Box 980586
Ypsilanti, MI  48198