A number of WCDP members spoke at the Impeachment Rally organized in Ann Arbor by P. Deisha Myles with MoveOn.org. Speakers included Eli Savit, candidate for County Prosecutor, Michelle Deatrick, DNC Committee Member, Deisha Myles, Cheryl Farmer, former mayor of Ypsilanti, and Jeffrey Taite Bronze Eagle. Excellent points were made, including the important point that “shining a public light on the many abuses and crimes that the president has committed is essential, independently of the probability of the Senate finalizing the procedure. In the case of Richard Nixon, the House pursued an Impeachment Inquiry that concluded with a recommendation to impeach, and as the details became known, public support went from only 17% to overwhelming approval of impeachment. Far from distracting from the electoral process, such a public trial can only help to educate the public.” To see photos and Eli’s speech: https://www.facebook.com/chipwaqua