WCDP members voted on Saturday October 2, 2021 in support of two resolutions. First, we welcome the many refugees from the war in Afghanistan, recognize the wonderful work done for them by Jewish Family Services and “[urge] local governments and private citizens alike to assist with resettling these refugee allies, including providing material and financial support to Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County and other social service organizations that may choose to participate.”

Secondly, in solidarity with the refugees from Haiti who have met with such harsh treatment at our border, we “[call] upon the Biden Administration to treat Haitian refugees with fairness and humanity, to remedy the proven disparity in their treatment, to root out practices of brutality in the agents at the border and take appropriate steps to eliminate them, and to devote the means necessary to prepare for the waves of migration that are inevitably coming.”

For the full resolutions: click Afghanistan  or Haiti