Ypsi Can I Share, a grassroots advocacy group covering the city of Ypsilanti, and Ypsilanti, Superior, and Pittsfield Townships, has a new Voter Resource website at tinyurl.com/Ypsi-Can-I-Share.

Gail Summerhill, community activist (and WCDP volunteer) along with Margaret Schankler and other community members, are working to fill a gap in the information available to these communities.

Voters will find invaluable information on candidates in those areas, with videos of candidates responding to questions from the organizers as well as forums, and above all, discussions and information presented in a way that’s accessible and keyed to the concerns of this community.

“A major unseen form of voter suppression,” says Summerhill, “is the way voting information is provided. One of the things I see is, we’re not reaching all people, and all people should be reached in a manner in which they can understand,” she says. “Too many of my neighbors feel disempowered and disengaged, and this has to change if we want to move forward.”