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Here are two ways you can increase Democratic voter turnout:

We’d like to thank all of the candidates who participated in the online candidates corner. As we move closer to the election, the WCDP will be launching an updated version with more detailed information about the candidates.

The WCDP will continue to post updates on canceled events, postponements, and venue changes as they occur.

News & Updates

Our Delegates to the DNC Convention

Many thanks to all Michigan Democratic Party members who voted to select our delegates to the DNC (Democratic National Committee) Nominating Convention, slated to take place in August in Minneapolis. 7th CD delegates will include, for VP Biden: Conner Wood, Robert...

VOTE to Send Our Delegates to the DNC Nominating Convention

It’s Election Day! Or rather, Days. MDP members should receive their ballots by email today, to cast our votes for our delegates to the DNC Nominating Convention, planned for August 17th. Voting will be open until May 16th. If you were a member of the MDP by April...

Action Items

Support the Detroit Right to Literacy Lawsuit

The clock is ticking for the Governor to settle the Right to Literacy lawsuit and Student Advocacy Center is joining with students, parents and grassroots organizations asking the Governor to settle now. You can sign this petition asking the Governor to settle the...


Background: Michigan is one of three states that enforce the archaic practice of allowing firearms into their state capitol. On April 30th, armed protesters descended onto the state capitol to intimidate legislators and the governor into ending the stay at home order....

Include the Post Office in the COVID-19 Stimulus Package

The coronavirus, illustrating just how crucial the U.S. Postal Service is to the lives of Americans, is, at the same time, contributing to its collapse. For years, President Trump and the Republican Party have been pushing to privatize the USPS. Required to deliver...