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There are a number of important races this election cycle. Stay informed and spread the word.

The WCDP will continue to post updates on canceled events, postponements, and venue changes as they occur.

News & Updates

How to Vote Absentee, by MDP Chair Lavora Barnes

WCDP's Precinct Organizing focus right now is all about encouraging Voting from Home (Absentee). Please share this video from the Michigan Dems chair, the wonderful Lavora Barnes! And if you are ready to get a running start at crushing the vote in Washtenaw County, go...

Sign Campaign: Black Lives Matter

“Buy one, Give one!” A Washtenaw County Democratic Party Sign Campaign We now have yard signs! Over the next few weeks, we will be getting various yard signs and buttons. Today’s arrival is to promote “Black Lives Matter.” For a modest donation of $5, you may get a...

Action Items

The MI GOP Wants States to Refuse Federal COVID Aid

 With all the economic, social and healthcare crises affecting our state right now, what do our GOP state legislators feel is urgent business? Making sure that Michigan REFUSES the federal aid that our state government will desperately need to function. Yes, you read...

Share Your Story for Ann Arbor’s A2Zero Initiative

People all over Ann Arbor are making their homes, neighborhoods, and community more sustainable. Share your stories! Ann Arbor’s Office of Sustainability and Innovations is collecting short videos from around town, showing how people are taking steps to advance...

Call the Governor to Release State Prisoners at Risk of COVID-19

As of May 9th, 2020, the Michigan Department of Corrections has logged more coronavirus deaths than any other state prison system and has more deaths from COVID-19 than the entire federal prison system, which houses more than 172,000 people nationwide, a population...