Issues and Resolutions 

Democrats fight for issues that impact everyone.
The Democratic Party brings together a diverse coalition of people with different and sometimes contradictory ideologies, motivations, and values. However, there are broad-based problems that all Democrats care about, problems that require both national and local solutions. That’s why organizations like the WCDP are so important. The WCDP’s commitment to the issues below is reflected in the party’s events, programs, community engagement, endorsements, and electoral politics. To further clarify its commitment to these issues, the WCDP’s Executive Board, County Committee, and its general membership have passed a number of resolutions, also listed below. 

wcdp meeting

Grassroots Democracy

It’s important that all voices are heard. That’s why we are working to increase voter turnout, encouraging citizens to run for office, and getting people to attend events like school board and township meetings.

Local Economics

We support local entrepreneurs and locally owned businesses in an effort to maintain Washtenaw County’s unique identity and financial sustainability.


The WCDP supports efforts by local governments and organizations committed to environmental preservation, the reduction of greenhouse gases, and ensuring the safety of our drinking water.

Quality Education

A healthy democracy stems from a well-educated citizenry. The WCDP is dedicated to ensuring that our local schools are safe, properly resourced, and providing students with the opportunities they need to succeed.

Social Justice

The WCDP is committed to tearing down barriers of oppression based on race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, LGBTQ+ identity, disability status, and age.

Respect for Diversity

The party recognizes the inherent value of cultural, racial, spiritual, and gender diversity within our communities. Supporting events that celebrate our differences fosters the kind of respect, understanding, and sense of community that we want to see in our county.

Resolution In Support of the Ytown ARPA Committee

The Washtenaw County Democratic Party County Committee has passed this resolution voicing support for the community group YTown ARPA Committee and urges Ypsilanti Township elected officials to continue partnerships with YTown ARPA Committee and other community groups...