Party Membership

MDP membership is WCDP membership.

Who is a member?

While anyone can attend WCDP functions and participate in the events that it organizes, becoming a full member with voting privileges requires joining the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). Members of the MDP have a vote and a voice in WCDP affairs, in congressional districts, and at the state level. An official member can run for a delegate position in the state party or become a member of the executive boards or committees of the MDP and the WCDP.

You are more than a vote.

Many Washtenaw County residents may think of themselves as Democrats simply because they voted, volunteered, or campaigned for Democratic Party candidates, but successful campaigns are built on an ever-present foundation provided by your county party. WCDP volunteers work all year, every year to create resources, strengthen ties with local communities, and develop mobilization strategies.

Democratic Party units at every level (federal, state, and local) are shaped by the people who show up to do the work. Tradition plays some role in how things unfold, but most rules and procedures are subject to interpretation and negotiation. Taking the step to officially join the MDP is a measure of your commitment to other members, and members’ input in the WCDP has the potential to influence state and national legislation and determine who will lead the state party.

The WCDP also engages in local grassroots organizing through the various working groups and committees that it forms. It also has the role of shaping the state party through the election of delegates to state conventions where leadership is determined and resolutions are passed that will influence national platforms.


Five Reasons to Join

1. Building Electoral Infrastructure
Our county’s foundation isn’t built on presidential campaigns. With a permanent organization in place, the WCDP is prepared for every election. Whether it’s electing a candidate or passing a ballot initiative, success depends on the ongoing ground game of local volunteers.

2. Sharing Information
Digital tools like the website, newsletters, and social media provide news and action initiatives that the local community might not know about otherwise. More volunteers means more opportunities for the party to create and share vital information about local politics.

3. Empowering Local Communities
Working with the WCDP means working with our local Democratic Party affiliates and other organizations aligned with Democratic values to offer invaluable programming about local issues and outreach opportunities that benefit our communities. Visibility and engagement are the heart and soul of local politics.

4. Leading a Grassroots Movement
There is an ongoing effort by county activists to strengthen party organizations in all 83 of Michigan’s counties. Growing the WCDP by rallying everyday citizens provides the people power needed to make sure our state and national leadership understand the importance of local issues, even if they don’t make headlines.

5. Buillding the State Party
Members have a voice and a vote at the annual conventions where the direction of the party is decided. Members can run for a delegate position or vote for delegates to the various bodies that define the direction of our Democratic Party. Rules, resolutions, and leadership are all determined by members.