Have you seen the news about all the improvements in people’s lives brought about by the new Democratic administration? Do you see the media celebrating the decrease in child poverty or the eviction prevention measures of the Cares Act? What about the Justice Department “busting” slavery rings in Florida? No? As disinformation and doom-and-gloom predictions of the demise of democracy seem to fill the air, renowned messaging expert Ian Haney López offers research-based insights on what we can do to counter the dominant narrative and fill the void, with messaging based on our true identity and values.

Want to learn more about Professor Haney López? Check out Race-Class Academy (https://race-class-academy.com/) and the Eclectablog GOTMFV podcast that discusses the strategic racism of dog whistles like Critical Race Theory and how Democrats can fight back.

Organized by the Liberal Leadership League and the Washtenaw County Democratic Party,

Professor Haney López will join us on Thursday, Feb 10, at 6:00 pm ET by Zoom.  Register here.